San Rafael Cheerleaders Host Spring Show


By Julie Johansen

The San Rafael Middle School cheerleaders’ spring show was held on Tuesday. Cheer coaches Brittany Julian and Nisha Judd introduced each of the cheerleaders as they began their opening number, the Captain’s Dance.

The cheerleaders this year included Annika Magnuson, Brodie Killpack, Daley Stewart, Lydia Larsen, Peyton Gardner, Alyssa Jorgensen, Ashlyn Johansen, Emily Sorenson, Paizley Jackson, Charley Jackson, Cherylnn Cooper, Kodee Behling, Lexie Durrant, Peyton Oman and Taizley Noble.

All the cheerleaders exhibited this year’s dances, including a coed dance and the mini cheer camp presentation. Showtime Dance also favored the crowd with a couple of dances. Following the dances, each girl was presented a special award. Ending the evening, the four eighth grade girls were given an oral tribute by the other cheerleaders.

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