San Rafael Country goes Mobile


The Emery County office of tourism is currently working on a phone application that could benefit both tourists and locals in finding where the best places to spend their leisure time are throughout the county.В The department is one of the first in the state to receive a grant to assist in the construction of a travel app which will cost $10,000, $5,000 of which will be paid with the awarded grant monies.

This application will be called the San Rafeal Country Mobil App. Tourists coming through the county will be able to utilize this application in order to find restaurants, lodging, gas stations, outfitters, and rental businesses.

Not only will it serve as a guide, it will also map out all of Emery County’s hiking, biking, and equestrian trails. With areas that get little service, this application will have the option to download trail maps so cell phone service will not be needed to view them.

In order to get the word out Tina Carter, director of the Emery County office of tourism will be marketing this application during the Utah Travel Show. There will also be ads on the Emery County website and a mass email will be sent out to frequent Emery County visitors.

“Our main goal with tourism is to drive people to our hotels, restaurants, and outfitters,” Tina Carter stated.

The application is expected to be ready for customers by January 10th. At this point, it will be available in both the iTunes store and the Google Play store so no matter what kind of smart phone you own, you can access the app.


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