San Rafael Junior High Acts Out “Scrooge” With a Twist *Photos Gallery and Video*


Putting a modern twist on an age old Christmas tale, students at San Rafael Junior High put on their own version of the play “Scrooge” for fellow classmates and parents.

All the main characters were cast as women and references were made to Wal-Mart and cell phone plans, but essentially the storyline remained the same. Interspersed between acts were small medleys of song, comedy and a visit from Santa. The school band also performed an array of Christmas music.

The following students took part in the play and band concert: Austin Albrecht, Shelby Allen. Jesse Barnett. Thomas Behling, Jesse Braun, Amy Deto, Kaydee Deto, Cory Eden, Landon Fairbanks, Jayci Funk, Angelina Giroux, Laci Hulse, Tia Hulse, Dakota Jensen, Kendra Jensen, Chase Jewkes, Dezmon McCourt, Zac Nelson, Rayna Paskett, Parker Sermon, Jacob Service, Tyler Silliman, Katelyn Sitterud, Nath Smith, Garret Stilson, Kamron Swasey, Amanda West, and Shelby Williams

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