San Rafael Junior High Hosts Annual Cupcake Wars for Carbon and Emery Schools


San Rafael Junior High hosted the Family and Consumer Science (FACS) cupcake war Wednesday. The cupcake war is designed to bring the two counties together for a friendly competition.

The students brought cupcakes made at home to the event along with all the supplies needed to decorate them. They had only one hour to decorate the cupcakes and present the finished product to be judged.

First place winners were Alexis Johansen and Rayna Pasket from San Rafael. Colton Willson, Hunter VanBuren and Bailey Huggard from San Rafael, Shyler Griffin, Morgan Hurdsman, Kimmaree Oveson and Ambree Bennett from Canyon View, and Kade Allen and Ashlin Baker from Mont Harmon tied for second place. Kasia Leavitt and Sharla Tolley came in third.

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