San Rafael Junior High Says Goodbye to Ninth Grade Class


San Rafael Junior High held their 9th Grade Closing Program last night. The program was well attended by proud parents, family members and friends.

The ninth graders, who will be moving on to Emery High next year, were presented to the crowd and performed a dance. Sara Roberts, Banner Fauver and Hayden Johnson spoke to the parents and to their fellow classmates; KaRanda Krompel and Kaden Oakeson performed “Glorious Things”; and the 9th grade chorus students sang, “The River Sleeps Beneath the Sky”.

San Rafael Principal Garth Johnson recognized students who maintained a 4.0 grade point average, and then he and Yvonne Jensen presented the class with certificates of completion, before the program wrapped up with a class slide show.

This year’s 9th Grade Class Officers were:

Savannah Woolsey
Hayden Johnson
Trevor Mead

The 9th Grade Class included:

Alisha Adair
Chyradawn Allred
Jorger Allred
Haylee Beckstead
Mariah Behling
Jarred Brown
Connor Burke
Autumn Byington
Kodi Caldwell
Makaila Clark
Cezly Collard
Zayne Cologie
Sidnee Conder
Zackery Conner
Sabrina Copeland
Kelsie Cox
Ryan Cox
Cassidy Curtis
Nina Darling
Derrick Dawes
Banner Fauver
Spencer Fauver
Trish Greenburg
Alexis Hall
Tavia Hancock
Hunter Hatch
Carson Healy
Jordan Healy
Cambrie Hernandez
Baylee Hess
Davey Higbee
Abby Jacobson
Holly Jacobson
Hayden Johnson
KaRanda Krompel
Brooklynn Long
Andrew Madsen
McKayla McNee
Korwin McPherren
Trever Mead
Mason Miller
Makalie Morgan
Kasey Morris
McKlayne Moss
Brittnee Murdoch
Katelyn Nicholson
Kaden Oakeson
Kassidee Oakeson
Jaen Olsen
Tanner Peterson
Kelton Price
Kylie Teynolds
Sarah Roberts
Jared Shakespare
Jessica Shay
Shantel Sitterud
Ashley Smith
Daniel Smith
Shelby Smith
Jordan Snow
Josh Trolin
Zachery West
Cammeron Westenskow
Madison Winn
Ryleigh Winn
Savannah Woolsey

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