San Rafael Middle School Honor Society Induction Ceremony


Officers--Right to Left--Beka Barnett, BrinLee Hurdsman, Allee Sitterud, Zayne Perea, Aspen Jensen, Elyza Taylor

By Allee Sitterud 

Tuesday was a special day for the Honor Society students of San Rafael as they were inducted into the Honor Society officially.

The advisors, Lara Barnett and Liza Roberts, put us to work after lunch on decorating and going through our parts and talents. That evening, the program began with talents from some of our members. Ryleigh Laws performed a dance and Maddex Behling and Dani Wolford performed gymnastics. Rileigh Meccariello and Haidyn Roper performed a clogging routine and Danika Farley played a piano piece.

Beka Barnett (president) welcomed everyone to the evening and gave an introduction. The officers, BrinLee Hurdsman (secretary), Allee Sitterud (reporter), Zayne Perea, Aspen Jensen and Elyza Taylor (committee Mmembers), talked about scholarship, citizenship, leadership, service and character.

Principal Doug Mecham concluded with telling the students how proud he was of them for working so hard and becoming members of the Honor Society.


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