San Rafael Middle School Students Compete in the Reading Rumble


Photos courtesy of Anjelena Behling

The students of San Rafael Middle School (SRMS) have been competing in a school-wide reading rumble. This competition worked to hold the students accountable for reading seven books that were all from various genres.

This rumble was concluded with a “Family Feud”-style reading comprehension matchup. Prizes for the rumble were donated by Senator David Hinkins. In sixth grade, Claire and Whitney Morgan, Charlie Maughan and Mary Horrocks triumphed. Seventh grade saw Allison Johansen, Natalie Pace, Lilly Sorenson, Kallee Lake, Haivyn Pitchforth and Paige Farley on top.

In eight grade, Amy Sorenson, Lizzy Carroll, Shaely Walker and Kelsey Jorgensen were named the winners. The overall school winner went to the seventh grade team named Hank 2.0. The first two winners that scored 100 percent on all AR Tests were Allison Johansen and Kallee Lake.

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