San Rafael Middle School’s Student of the Week | Tacey Funk


Tacey is the 13-year-old daughter of Jessica and Greg Funk of Clawson.  She participates in cross country, track, yearbook and honor society.  Her favorite classes are science, digital literacy and yearbook.  Her best subjects are math and language arts.  Her hobbies include softball and buying clothes.  She really likes Harry Styles and Benee.  In the future, she wants to go to Utah State with Addy Guymon.  Then, she wants to get a law degree. Then, she wants to get super rich and have a nice house.  Her favorite show is Psych and any show with Adam Sandler.  She hates cross country and would probably quit if Addy and her mom would let her.  The only things she likes about cross country is getting food, the bus rides and the fun coach Jodi.

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