San Rafael Students Compete in Geography and Spelling Bee


The students of San Rafael Junior High took time during the week to compete in not one, but two different competitions: the geography bee and the spelling bee.

The geography bee is operated much like a spelling bee. Students show their strenghts in the subject that they have been studying by standing with their fellow students and answering questions geared toward geography. The students that were triumphant in the geography bee are Matthew Horrocks in third place, Gage Crawford in second and Korby Christiansen in first.

The spelling bee competition tested the students on their knowledge of the correct spelling for the words that they have been studying lately. The winners of that competition were  chosen a little differently. A winner and runner-up were chosen for the seventh and eighth grades. In seventh grade, the winner was Nathan Rice with Kaylee Howes as the runner up. For the eighth grade, the winner was Jace Jorgenson with Brynne Urie as the runner up.

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