Sandy man arrested after Domestic Assault


On Wednesday, a commotion in the neighborhood of 450 East, 200 South in Price alerted a neighbor to a domestic disturbance. Sandy resident Joshua Schneider, 29, fled the scene as police were called. He was arrested after a brief search of the area by Price City Police and other law enforcement officials while hiding near 300 East 400 South.

Price City Police Captain Bill Barnes said that Schneider and the victim, 28-year-old Price resident Amber Franklin, had recently moved in together. Franklin woke up in the early morning hours of Wednesday to find Schneider rifling through her purse.

During the confrontation, Schneider assaulted Franklin, took items from her purse and then ran from the home. She followed him outside and continued to yell. Franklin’s neighbor heard the disturbance and made the call to police.

Schneider was arrested and taken to Castleview Hospital as precaution due to an unrelated medical issue. After he was cleared, he was taken to the Carbon County Jail. He was charged with domestic violence assault, robbery and misdemeanor theft and obstruction charges. Schneider also has four outstanding warrants out of the Salt Lake City area.

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