Saving Graves Utah Restores Headstones to a Beautiful State


Saving Graves Utah is a business that was launched by Tennille Ward in May. For six years, Ward was the owner of Worley Jensen Monuments. When the business was sold in January to the Marietti family, Ward was able to continue her efforts in beautifying cemeteries through her new business.

Throughout the six years that Ward owned the monument company, she learned different techniques in working with a variety of stones. When restoring the stone, she said the first step is to remove the buildup of hard water. Ward stated that, depending on how old the stone is and where it sits in the cemetery, that will determine how much buildup a stone will accumulate.

Ward said that there are times that the hard water will permanently settle within the pores of the stone, making it discolored. Once the hard water has been removed, it is possible to view the lettering and design that need to be refinished.

From that point, Ward is able to repaint the lettering and design to ensure that the stone looks new once again. Though the process can be a long and meticulous one, Ward stated that the end result is amazing and more than worth the effort and time that it may take.

“To restore a headstone means I’m bringing back to life somebody’s story and everybody has a story. Whether or not it’s a couple who made it 60 years in marriage or a child who is ‘gone too soon’ or a military marker. To me, it’s a honor to be able to work in these sacred places. I’m reminded of what our ancestors have sacrificed for us,” Ward stated.

Most of Saving Graves’ work is completed within Carbon and Emery counties, though Ward is willing to travel throughout Utah. The price of restoration depends on the location, size and design.

To contact Ward, email or visit her Facebook page here.

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