Scam Alert: Prepaid Medical Alert System Robocalls Hitting the Area


The phone caller says “I am just calling to verify delivery for a pre-paid medical alert system.” It is an “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” kind of alert system.  Even if you try say that you did not order one, the caller goes on to say it may have been ordered by a family member or friend for you.

The call is part of a nationwide scam designed to get credit card information from you over the phone. It also goes on to tell you to push the number five on your phone if you are refusing shipment. Consumer protection groups advise that you should just hang up the phone because pushing the number five will verify your phone number and you will continue to get follow-up calls.

The calls target seniors and most hang up shortly after the call begins, but several individuals have gotten scammed by the “free” system. These calls are happening in the Carbon and Emery area.

The robocall is trying to get you to give your personal information; only to leave you empty handed and down $35 a month for the supposedly free medical alert system.

So, how can you beat these bad guys? Remember these tips and apply them to all unsolicited telemarketing calls:

  • Never provide personal information to an unknown caller.
  • Never respond to a robocall from an unknown company.
  • Don’t press a key to talk to a human. Simply hang up.

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