Scott and Laurel Johansen Named Honored Citizens for 2016 Emery County Fair


Scott and Laurel Johansen have been a stronghold in Emery County for years. Recently, the decision was made to highlight the couple as this year’s honored citizens of the Emery County Fair.

Scott is well known for his 20+-year tenure as Seventh District Juvenile Court judge. He retired in January after being diagnosed with leukemia, a battle he is still fighting. Laurel is noted for raising five children along with working part time and serving as the Emery County School Board president. She has also been a constant at her husband’s and family’s side as Scott continues to face his struggles with leukemia.

“(Our) mom is everything to our family,” the duo’s daughters wrote. “She is the one who has offered that support to all that she sees faltering. She does so in the most unselfish way possible as she and her husband experience the most difficult trial they’ve encountered.”

Despite wrestling the disease that has threatened to consume the Johansen family, Scott and Laurel have continued to serve their community and live life to the fullest. Scott continues to find joy on the ranch while Laurel devotes her time to the bettering of the public education system as board president. The couple also divides their time between 19 grandchildren.

The Johansens will take their place as honored citizens during the parade on Saturday, June 11 at 10 a.m.

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