Scrappy Pirates


ETV News Stock Photo by Jeff Barrett

Buzz Bastian returns for his sixth season over the Lady Pirates, ready to set sail on a new voyage. The shipmates will include four returning seniors along with three new crew members for the four-month journey.

“We’ve got some seniors that can play ball,” kicked off Bastian. Abby Erwin will have a big presence down low with her six-foot frame while Jenny Kenner can hit the mid-range. Most improved last year, Emily Roundy, will also be back alongside Kassidy Lehnhoff.

Although the Pirates have more numbers than last season, they will still be a small crew. “We’re going to play hard and see what happens,” Bastian said. “We beat some teams with only four players last year because we were in foul trouble. So, they don’t give up. That’s what I’m expecting, that we play hard.”

Despite the lack of overall bodies, Bastian believes his team will compete well and be right “in the middle of the pack” within the region.

The shot clock will also be introduced for the first time this season, which will speed up the game and add an extra wrinkle. But overall, the Pirates are just excited to be back on the hardwood.

“There are some girls that just love to play basketball. They come to practice every day with good attitudes and love basketball,” Bastian concluded. “[That’s what’s important, that they have] positive attitudes, play hard and have fun.”

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