SDAT Project Implementation Underway in Helper – Volunteer Today

By Lenise Peterman & Malarie Matsuda, Helper Revitalization Committee
The Helper Revitalization Committee has met and identified projects that can have an immediate impact on our community based on the SDAT presentation. At this point, we are looking for volunteers and leads for some of these projects. These projects are extremely short in duration with the exception of the Winter Clean Up Team, which would require a longer commitment (see details below).
If you are interested in signing up, you have a number of ways to do so! We will have sign up sheets at both Helper City Hall and the Helper Public Library beginning Thursday, you can sign up on line by contacting us via email at and we are hosting a community sign up at the Auditorium on Wednesday, Oct. 11 beginning at 6 p.m. and closing at 7:30 p.m.
Once we have identified team members, next steps can begin! The quick wins we can focus on are presented below:
1. Phase One Projects

1.1.  Dark Skies Compliance (Lead – Nick Kiahtipes)
Timeline: ASAP
Actions:  Provide ordinance for review/feedback to stakeholders; create inquiry to International Dark Skies for consideration as a dark sky community (done); next steps as determined by the Dark Skies organization.

1.2  Boulder Park by River Walk (Lead – TBD)
Timeline: ASAP
Actions: Secure City Council approval to change the existing volleyball court into a Boulder Playground based on risk assessment/liability. Amanda Wheeler is meeting to discuss and will bring to City Council on 10/5. Remove posts. Create “sandbox.” Drop in boulders, fill with sand. Donations of wood, weed barrier required.
1.3  Fireplace Project (Lead – Lenise Peterman/Chris Pugliese)
Timeline: ASAP
Actions: Check out boulders which may have the fireplace area at risk. Collect small boulders, line walkway. Mortar in loose stone, clean graffiti; build some sort of step down at head of trail

1.4  River Clean Up & Planting (Lead – Eric McCully)
Timeline: Ongoing, next milestone date 11/10/2017
Activities: We will be planting on 11/10; need to work with volunteers and have watering schedules

1.5  Winter Clean Up Team – (Lead – Neighborhood Captains)
Timeline: Ongoing
Activities: Identify households which require assistance i.e., elderly, disabled and other struggling community members. Ideally this team consists of people who have plows and can handle a street located near their home(s). Our objective is to help those in our community who need assistance with tasks such as snow removal/maintenance. We will plan to refresh these teams for the Spring to assist with weed removal, etc.
1.6  Main Street Activation (Lead – Malarie Matsuda; Lenise Peterman)
Timeline: ASAP
Activities: Draft a page to present to property owners on Main based on SDAT feedback on small measures to make immediate improvement to property; provide avenue for owners to request assistance for larger scale projects such as painting, etc.
Please consider signing up to volunteer for one of these projects or even taking on the responsibility of being a team lead! Sign up sheets will be provided by Thursday and you can begin to sign up via email immediately.  We just need your contact information and the project(s) you are interested in helping with. Sign up will also be available Oct. 11 in the auditorium where you can meet to gather more details about these projects.
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