Second Annual GEAR UP Week Celebrated


The second annual national GEAR UP week was recently celebrated at local high schools. The event takes place to raise awareness in the community about the positive impact GEAR UP is having locally.   

Some of the activities that Carbon High students were able to participate in were a dream wall, chalk it up, jar guessing game and donut eating contest.  

“We got great participation during the lunchtime activities; most students were excited to get to do an activity,” expressed GEAR UP’s Angela Anderson.

These activities are aimed to encourage teenagers to think about their futures. Giving out college swag for prizes gets them to think about going to college when they graduate. It also helps to get students to know more about the GEAR UP program. To prepare for national GEAR UP week, local grocery stores helped by donating supplies needed for the week’s activities.

“We support students’ futures in Carbon County. College; it’s not a dream, it’s a plan,” expressed GEAR UP Director Brandon Flores.

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