Second Week of Legislative Session Touches on Bears Ears, Concealed Weapons


By Representative Christine Watkins

I had another busy week at the legislature. The House and Senate passed HCR 012, a Concurrent Resolution urging the President to rescind the Bears Ears National Monument Designation. The governor signed it and the resolution is on its way to our congressional delegation and President Trump.

S.B.23 passed out of committee. This bill gives hunting guides and outfitters a sales and use tax exemption. They were being taxed out of business; in Utah, we don’t normally tax services.

Another bill of interest is HB 198. This bill would allow people at age 18 to apply for a concealed weapon permit. Right now, the minimum age is 21. This bill was heard in committee and has been sent back to the rules committee. I doubt it will be heard in committee again.

I have been receiving a lot of information about H.B.164. This bill is particularly harmful to smaller rural cities. It will severely restrict transfers from municipal enterprise funds to other municipal purposes. I oppose this bill and I have spoken to the sponsor and other representatives about the disastrous effect this bill would have on small cities and the people who live in these cities.

Thursday in our caucus meeting. The head football coaches from all the Utah universities were in attendance. It was so much fun to see all of these coaches in person. They talked about their programs and how they intend to have not only great players, but also great men come out of their programs. I have some pictures on my Facebook page.

I put a survey in the paper and the electronic survey webpage has had some difficulties. We have fast and furiously been working on it and I hope by press time it is up and running. But, if it isn’t, don’t hesitate to email or call me with your comments.

Special congratulations to the employees of the Dugout Mine; they had Zero Injuries in 2016. Keep up the great work and I know we are all proud of you!

Please feel free to call or text me at 435-650-1969 or email, or search Facebook at Representative Christine Watkins District 69.

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