Seed Harvest begins on National Forest


Annual seed harvesting has begun on the Sanpete and Ferron-Price Ranger Districts of the Manti-La Sal National Forest. Harvesters are currently collecting lupine in the lower elevations and will likely move to higher elevations as the seed matures.

Seed harvesters must have a permit issued by the Forest Service. Permits cost 25 cents per pound, with a minimum purchase of a $20 permit (for 80 pounds).

Permits apply to only one species and permits can be purchased for up to $300 per single species. Harvesters can buy permits for as many species as they wish, excluding federally listed species or other species determined by the Forest Service.

Seed can only be harvested and transported between the hours of 6 a.m. and 9 p.m. Harvesters traveling on the Forest with seed in their possession before or after those hours will be cited and the seed will be seized.

Seed must be harvested by hand. No mechanical harvesting is permitted. Collecting can be done on the Sanpete and Ferron-Price Ranger Districts except in the following areas: The Great Basin Experimental Range in Ephraim Canyon, Elk Knolls Resource Natural Area, Jet Fox, Heliotrope Point, Ferron Mountain, White Mountain and Huntington Canyon.

Maps are issued with permits, which can be bought at the Sanpete Ranger District, 540 North Main Street, in Ephraim (phone: 435-283-415); Ferron-Price Ranger District, 115 West Canyon Road, Ferron (phone: 435-384-2372); or the Forest Supervisor’s Office, 599 West Price River Drive, Price (phone: 435-636-2817). Call for more information.

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