Senate Passes S.B. 128 and Honors Former Sen. Karen Mayne


Press Release

S.B. 128 Public Safety Officer Scholarship Program, sponsored by Sen. Don Ipson, provides scholarships to high school students entering law enforcement careers. Former Sen. Karen Mayne had been working on the bill before her retirement from the Senate in January 2023. To honor Sen. Mayne’s legacy, the scholarship will be named the Karen Mayne Public Safety Officer Scholarship Program.

“Sen. Mayne has left a lasting influence, not only in our body but on the state of Utah as a whole,” said Sen. Ipson. “She has devoted her time and attention to making Utah a better place for all. We both have a soft spot for our men and women in law enforcement, making it meaningful to change the scholarship to her name.”

“Taking care of our men and women in uniform has always been a top priority for me,” said Sen. Mayne. “I am excited for this program to aid and support the next generation of law enforcement officers. Thank you to my colleague and friend, Sen. Ipson, for continuing to work on the issue and making this scholarship a reality.”

“Sen. Mayne has empowered Utahns across the state through her legislation, wisdom and courage,” said Sen. Luz Escamilla. “Naming the scholarship the Karen Mayne Public Safety Officer Scholarship Program is a fitting tribute to a woman who has fought for law enforcement on Capitol Hill throughout her career as a legislator.”

The Senate unanimously passed S.B. 128 on the second reading.

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