Senator Lee Expects Budget Vote This Week


Senator Mike Lee announced that he expects his budget resolution to receive a vote on the Senate floor this week.  The resolution is based on Senator Lee’s proposal to balance the federal budget in five years, simplify the tax code, reform entitlement programs, and significantly reduce federal spending.

“The differing visions for the future of the country will be on display this week when the Senate votes on the various budget proposals,” said Senator Lee. “Senate Republicans have proposals that solve the problems.  The President’s proposal ignores the problems or makes them worse.  And Senate Democrats have absolutely nothing to offer.

“Families and businesses must have budgets.  State and local governments need them, too.  But for three years, the Democrat-controlled Senate has gone without a plan to spend taxpayer money.  It is an abdication of the core responsibility of Congress that must be reversed immediately.”

Last week, Senator Lee officially submitted his budget resolution and announced the “Saving the American Dream” plan.  The plan simplifies the tax code by creating a single, low, unified tax rate, eliminating most credits and deductions, and repealing the death and payroll taxes. The proposal repeals ObamaCare and replaces it with a new market-based income-adjusted tax credit for purchasing health insurance.  It also saves Social Security by providing economic security for seniors, protecting retirees from poverty due to unforeseen events, and means-testing benefits so that the affluent elderly do not add unnecessary stress to the program.

Lee’s budget is expected to receive a vote on Thursday along with proposals from Senators Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania and Rand Paul of Kentucky, Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, and the President.

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