Senior Core to Push Spartans


ETV News stock photo by Jeff Barrett

The first of March has turned out to be a beautiful spring, allowing the golf teams to get on the course. “Some years we are not even on the golf course this early,” said Emery’s head coach Tom Hansen. “Every day has been nice, I’m pretty excited about that.” The Lady Spartans are also looking forward to a full season, especially after they only played two matches last year.

Emery had a good showing before the season was cut short, maintaining second place in the region. “We have quite a few of our girls back.” Hansen continued, “we have three of our top four scorers back. We only lost one of our key scores.”

Those three include¬†Jannika Beagley (Sr.), Angie Nielson (Sr.) and Macie Nielson (Sr.), who will lead the Lady Spartans with their skill and experience. Hansen added, “we will be counting on those three to carry our team this year.”

The team is fairly diverse between grade levels with four seniors, two juniors, two sophomores and 11 freshmen. “We have a lot of ninth graders, which is good, because then they can learn the sport and fish themselves out, and we’ll end up with four or five good ones,” commented Hansen.

Emery’s goal is to take second in region and make it to the second day of state. “Richfield’s still the team to beat in the state and in our region. They’re just stacked,” stated Hansen. “Everyone else will be bunched up.” It is certainly shaping up to be an exciting season of Emery golf.

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