Sentencing for Tyler Barney Postponed Until January


Tyler Barney appeared in court Monday morning before Seventh District Court Judge George Harmond.

Barney was scheduled for sentencing on two class A misdemeanor sexual battery charges, which stemmed from a plea deal accepted by the defendant earlier this year.

Barney was arrested last November and charged with two counts of sexual abuse of a child, a first degree felony. The charges were related to an incident involving Barney’s roommates Timothy and Amanda Romano, both of whom sexually abused as many as six children within their household over the span of two years. Barney was charged with participating in the abuse.

During Monday’s court appearance a no bail warrant for Barney’s arrest was addressed. According to Barney, he was recently laid off and was unable to fulfill Adult Probation and Parole requirements ordered by the court. Carbon County Assistant District Attorney Jeremy Humes explained that due to miscommunication, he requested the warrant be recalled.

Judge Harmond decided against the warrant and requested Barney report to AP&P Monday for evaluation.

“I will not recall a warrant again,” the judge said.

The sentencing hearing was then moved to January 2014.

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