Seth Marsing to Continue on as Carbon County Clerk/Auditor


Carbon County’s newly elected Clerk/Auditor Seth Marsing is a native to the area. Born and raised in Carbonville, Marsing attended Carbon High School and the College of Eastern Utah. He graduated from both schools before serving a mission in Ohio. Upon returning from his mission, Marsing attended Brigham Young University. Once he had finished his schooling, he worked for nearly five years in finance and received his broker’s license.

Marsing was a broker for three years before diving into sales, marketing and finance, a field he has been involved in since. He also received an MBA from Western Governors University. While Marsing has no previous political history, he explained that he has years of experience in his field.

Marsing was voted in as the interim clerk/auditor prior to election day. Now that he will be serving residents of Carbon County for the coming years, there are three key things that he said he wants to focus on accomplishing. The first is to make sure that the county has a balanced budget, meaning that the revenues equal expenses. According to Marsing, he will strive to be sure that what the county is bringing in that year is all that is being spent that year.

The second item on Marsing’s agenda is to ensure that the people are informed. He stated that he wishes to help the general public understand how things work in the county as far as finances go. The third issue that Marsing hopes to tackle is to collect and organize all of the financial data accurately and in a timely manner. According to Marsing, this will ensure that those who need the information to make important financial decisions in the county will have exactly the information needed.

A unique aspect that Marsing believes he is bringing to the table as the county’s new clerk/auditor is that he has plenty of experience in sales and customer service. Marsing stated that some may look at that and say it does not apply, but realistically, knowing how to communicate with the general public and those that he works with is one of the biggest aspects of his job. Marsing believes that this is a strength of his.

“I appreciate people’s support and confidence,” he stated.

Marsing also pointed out that with this last election, there was a record number of voters. He stated that he is pleased with the community in that aspect and would like to encourage individuals to get out, be informed and get involved.

This article is the first in a series that will be published by ETV News introducing Carbon and Emery counties to their newly elected officials.

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