SEUALG Launches Pilot Housing Program


The South Eastern Utah Association of Local Governments has been chosen to launch a new program giving residents a chance to finally become a homeowner.

The Self Help Acquisition Rehabilitation Housing program will offer an outlet for very low-low income households the means to finance a home.

“I feel when you are a homeowner, you are more tied to the community,” said housing program manager Marilyn Vogrenic. “This program may also help homeowners trying to sell a home with a few problems.”

SEUALG has partnered with the USDA to offer this program to area residents with the hope it will offer families an opportunity to own a home and maintain the payments for the life of the loan.

The process is simple, just pick up an application and find out the amount the program will loan based on income. From there you are in a true homebuyer’s experience where you choose a realtor to help find a home within the allotted budget.

“One great advantage is the program will teach those who qualify the skills to maintain your home,” continued Vogrenic. “We aren’t just giving out free money for a home, any repairs or updates will be completed by the program participants, with the exception of updates that need to involve a licensed contractor.”

The “Sweat Equity” aspect of the program will provide participants with the instruction and supplies to bring the home to a certain living standard as a main condition in the contract.

SEUALG is now accepting applications for the Self Help Acquisition Rehabilitation Housing program. Applications are available at the SEUALG office at 375 S. Carbon Ave. Price, Utah. For more information call (435) 637-5444.


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