SEUHD Housing Regulation


By the Southeast Utah Health Department

Preventing and fixing dangerous conditions within your home is essential to the health and safety of everyone who lives there. However, housing standards can be hard for everyone to find or understand. With this in mind, the Southeast Utah Health Department (SEUHD) has distilled our housing regulation into the most important and often forgotten rules.

  1. A home must have drinking water, a permanently installed heater that safely heats the home to at least 68° F and a functioning sewage disposal system.
  2. Anyone who rents or occupies a home must properly dispose of all human waste and all garbage they create.
  3. A home’s air quality must be free of chemical contamination such as methamphetamine and other hazards such as mold.
  4. Every home must be maintained so that there is no place near or inside the home for pests and vectors of disease such as mice, rats, and mosquitos to live or breed.
  5. Maintenance of vacant units is the responsibility of the property owner.

If you notice issues with your housing unit after reading this summary of the SEUHD Housing Regulation, please develop a plan to fix the issue by notifying your landlord of the hazard or by personally fixing the issue. For more information, or the complete regulation, please visit our website at

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