SEUJLS Committee Gives Update Following Fire


Photo Courtesy of the SEUJLS

Following a blaze that significantly damaged the grounds that the Southeastern Utah Junior Livestock Show (SEUJLS) utilizes, SEUJLS announced that the show is slated to take place on July 10 through 13.

Dennis Worwood explained that the cause of the fire is still under investigation, but appears to have began in or near the show ring, spreading from there. As a result, the hog barn is gone, the show ring is completely gutted and two thirds of the main barn is destroyed.

The SEUJLS Committee met at the Blue Sage Arena in Castle Dale on Monday evening to discuss how to make the show still happen. Though the facility is big enough, the committee will have to borrow panels for many of the pens, as well as the show ring. Already, they have received many kind offers to loan panels and equipments from both other shows and individuals.

Continuing the planning, the committee stated that the wash racks will have to be improvised and will likely be outside the southwest corner of the barn, on 300 East Street.

“Thanks to the firefighters and to our many friends around the state who have offered assistance,” the Southeastern Utah Junior Livestock Show Committee shared. “The show will go on!”

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