SEUJLS Discusses Funding with Carbon County Commissioners


Four youth participants of the Southeastern Utah Junior Livestock Show (SEUJLS) visited the Carbon County Commissioners during their final meeting of 2021 for a presentation and request.

Each participant spoke on their experience with the show and what it taught them, also speaking on the joy of being able to see friends from around the state and be involved with raising animals. For many years, the commissioners gave $500 for the show before it was increased to $1,000.

The money that is donated by the county can be used in any way that will benefit the SEUJLS, including food, judges, boarding, a dance, computer programs and more. One of the young participants stated that that a sponsor of the SEUJLS sees more than kids and animals; they see success, determination and how the show teaches lessons that cannot be learned other ways.

The SEUJLS has relied on generous sponsors for support and all sponsors past and present are invited to attend the show. It was also highlighted that the stock show brings many that stop in Carbon County and utilize the gas stations, restaurants, lodging and more.

“Thank you for believing in our youth,” said one of the participants.

The SEUJLS requested that the donation from the county be boosted to $5,000. It was stated that they truly appreciate the support that has been given in the past and what is done in the future. The commissioners also received a paper with all of the needed contact information.

The commissioners expressed their appreciation to the participants for visiting and said that it is worthwhile to support the SEUJLS. Commissioner Tony Martines stated that the amount budgeted is what the county has been able to handle and that they would have to further discuss the additional funds requested.

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