SEUJLS Exhibitors Thank Emery County Commissioners


By Julie Johansen

The Future Farmers of America and 4-H exhibitors from the Southeastern Utah Jr. Livestock Show (SEUJLS) were first on the agenda of the Emery County Commission meeting on Tuesday afternoon. They were in attendance to thank the commissioners for their support of the show in July. They further explained that the SEUJLS is one of only five state-sanctioned shows left in Utah and that they had over 200 quality projects exhibited. There were participants from 21 of the 29 counties in Utah. The commissioners congratulated them on their success and encouraged them to continue with their hard work.

Next, approval was given to the application from the Emery County Sheriff’s Office to the Utah Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice JAG Grant 2020. The grant will be used to purchase four evidence kits, including one for Green River and the others in western Emery County.

A subcontract between Emery County and the University of Utah for L1500 testing at the San Rafael Research Center was approved. The University of Utah will be doing the combustion testing of wood and coal at the research center for Rocky Mountain Power. It is a $84,000,000 contract and, if successful, would be a good use for lumber from the local mountains.

Resolutions for the Green River I, Green River II and Pivot 13 Solar Projects interlocal agreements were also approved. These agreements are in conjunction with the Emery County School District and Emery Water Conservancy District.

Suzanne Anderson with the Emery Historical Preservation Society then requested a letter of support for signage to locate three CCC camps in Emery County. Support was given by the commissioners.

Approval was next given for the county to give $200 to each full-time employee who participates in the comprehensive blood draw at the county-sponsored wellness clinic. The clinic will be on Oct. 27 and 28 from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. in Castle Dale and in Green River on Oct. 29 from 9 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. The participating employees will also receive four hours of vacation.

Employees who have or will become fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by Nov. 15 will be monetarily incentivized. A COVID pay variant policy was also approved. These funds will come from the American Rescue Plan Act. Emery County Attorney Mike Olsen reminded the commissioners that they are the legislative body and should consider recommendations of local health officials but they ultimately make the decisions.

The road department was seeking approval of contracts with Southeast Fencing for the installment of materials for fencing at the road shop on the east and north side to secure the area. They also need to modify the salt shed because of crumbling sides. Upon approval of council, the contracts will be approved.

It was then announced that Emery County will become part of the Utah State Build Back Better (BBB) Grant application for possible selection. These funds would be used at the San Rafael Energy Research Center and the industrial park.

During the elected officials’ reports, Emery County Sheriff Greg Funk reported that they have been very busy. He was calling for citizens of Emery County to be more vigilant in keeping their belongings locked and secured to help prevent break ins. All other elected officials thanked the sheriff as well the search and rescue department for the professional way they handle calls and the security they provide for the citizens of Emery County.

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