Seuss on the Loose at Pinnacle Elementary


Colorful socks, reading, writing poems and juice—teachers at Pinnacle Elementary used these among other amusements to emphasize and encourage reading during literacy week March 2-6. In honor of Dr. Seuss’ birthday in March, Pinnacle adopted a Dr. Seuss theme this year, posting pictures, playful portrayals and posters all in reference to Seuss’ work.

During the week, students and faculty brought their funny socks and shoes, bright ties, sweaters and hats while enjoying things such as juice with Seuss, reading with parents, a poetry contest, book reports and prizes.

Normally, Pinnacle students read 20 minutes a night, but this program serves as a reminder of the importance of reading to parents and students. Literacy week is designed to strengthen children and families.

“We realize that it takes a community to raise a child, we play a part as well as families” said principal Mark Stuckenschneider. He further remarked that Pinnacle sets aside two other weeks during the year for a similar purpose. The weeks include one for science and one for math.

The flyer announcing literacy week read: “REMEMBER: Reading 20 minutes a night increases your vocabulary by thousands of words!” A quick online search confirms and expands this statement. According to Jean Tarbox and Sally Shaywitz (, reading 20 minutes a day not only increases an individual’s vocabulary but comprehension as well.

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