Several Grants Lead to New Technology at Pinnacle Canyon Academy


Great things are happening at Pinnacle Canyon Academy this year. Thanks to several grants, the school is in the process of implementing new technology and programs into the curriculum.

Pinnacle has been certified as a one-to-one device school. This means that every student will be supplied with a small computer to use for classwork, homework and to communicate directly with instructors. Secondary students already have the devices and the elementary will be supplied with the technology next week.

Every classroom in the elementary is also equipped with a television and wired with microphones to be used as additional learning tools.

In the secondary wing of the school, a stream center has been set up. This area includes a large lab used for science and a 3D printer that is capable of printing various products.

Art instructor Anthony Cilli explained that the printer will be useful for his various classes including sculpting and animation. “We can bring just about anything to life with this technology,” Cilli explained. “It’s a lot of fun.”

A second grant has been issued to Pinnacle Canyon Academy to provide functional family therapy to all students and their families. According to principal and school founder Roberta Hardy, the grant will allow the school to provide therapy services free of charge. “This will be a blueprint for family violence therapy for the community,” Hardy explained. “By treating families within our school, we will also be serving the community.”

Pinnacle counselors and administrators will work closely with local youth correction officials, juvenile court representatives and Department of Children and Family Services to provide the therapy service. “The program allows over 30 sessions per family,” Hardy indicated. “Studies have shown that the success rate is high and we are excited to offer the service to our school families.”

Through grants, Pinnacle is able to provide new technology and services to its students and their families. Hardy hopes that this translates into a successful and happy school year for everyone at the facility.



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