Sewer Maintenance Project Update Presented to Wellington City Council


Justin Atkinson and Jesse Rowles of Sunrise Engineering visited the Wellington City Council during a work session on Wednesday evening to present members with a sewer maintenance project update.

They stated that things are moving along but they wished to keep the council on the radar. The duo recently had a discussion regarding water quality and was given some guidance. A discussion on the general approach of putting liner in the highway pipes on Highway 6 was had. Also discussed was replacing some areas and cleaning out some city streets.

Following, there would be a consideration on the worst main on 100 East. While it is not a planned area of the project, it is an option to consider in the near future.

The estimates were revised with the two options. Funding plan and milestones were brought up, with Atkinson and Rowles stating there is a water quality board meeting in August with them on the agenda. Possible grant funding is also on the table with an application very close to submission. The duo stated that once funding is handled, they can begin on the two items, which will take a number of months to complete.

The Community Impact Board application was moved to September, giving them a couple of months to receive information, organize it and hopefully begin with the scope and cost.

Rowles and Atkinson expect a more thorough analysis at that time. Future meetings were also discussed, touching on what to present and submit as well as certain time frames. They assured the council that no decisions were required to be made at the time, they were simply being presented for consideration.

Mayor Joan Powell stated that they are ready to begin working toward getting the entirety of the project finalized.

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