Shady Acres’ New Owners Receive Warm Welcome


Shady Acres, a staple in Green River for many years, was in the spotlight on Wednesday afternoon when the Emery County Business Chamber (ECBC) welcomed the business’ new owners, the Engleman family.

The Engleman family recently purchased Shady Acres from the Corrigan family, who relocated to St. George. Shady Acres offers something for everyone, from fuel to Blimpie’s to sandwiches and more. There are a variety of items that travelers are able to purchase while visiting in addition to a campground with cabins to spend an evening.

“Shady Acres has been a Green River tradition for many years,” shared the ECBC.

Along with the sweets, snacks, fuel and souvenirs, there are plans to add smoothies to the store and extend Blimpies to include a new feature. The store also features restrooms, showers, a play area for children, a car wash and a laundromat.

“The Emery County Business Chamber wishes Shady Acres good luck with their new venture,” the ECBC shared. “There were a large number of supporters on hand to wish the Englemans well at their new store.”

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