Share Your Fishing Ideas with the DWR


What do you think about fishing in Utah? You have until June 17 to let biologists know.

DWR Press Release

Take survey by June 17

Should corn be a legal fishing bait in Utah? How long must a tiger muskie be, before you’re allowed to keep it? Should the size restriction on smallmouth bass at Jordanelle Reservoir be removed?

Those are just a few of the questions you’ll find in a survey at The survey is a golden opportunity to do two things:

–  let fisheries biologists with the Division of Wildlife Resources know your thoughts about fishing regulation changes they’re considering for 2017 and subsequent years, and

–  share your thoughts about fishing in Utah. You can share specific recommendations, complaints, concerns or general ideas about how to make fishing better in the state.


You can learn more about the changes the biologists are considering—and share your ideas with the biologists—by taking the survey at

The survey includes 13 questions. Then, at the end of the survey, you’ll find a text box. In the box, please share with the biologists anything about fishing in Utah that you’d like to share.

Please take the survey no later than June 17.

Also, when you take the survey, please be aware that some of the questions—including those about tiger muskies—may not result in rule changes in 2017. Drew Cushing, Aquatic Section chief for the DWR, says biologists want input from anglers now, though, so they can determine the direction the state’s tiger muskie program should take.

Biologists want to hear from you

Cushing says DWR biologists often hear from organized fishing groups.  But they rarely hear from individual anglers. “We want to hear from individual anglers too,” he says. “Please share your thoughts and ideas with us. We want to hear from you. Your opinion matters.”

Cushing says even though 2017 is still months away, the biologists need time before September to consider your ideas. “Please get your ideas to us no later than June 17,” he says.

After evaluating your ideas, the biologists will present their final recommendations at public Regional Advisory Council meetings in September.  The Utah Wildlife Board will make the final decision about Utah’s 2017 fishing rules at a meeting on Sept. 29.

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