Sharon Miller Named Child Care Provider of the Year


Sharon’s Early Care and Education Program, located in Helper, was designed carefully as a child-centered educational care program. The program provides child-directed experiences using a mix of both teacher and child-directed activities.

The physical environment features inside and outside developmentally-appropriate classrooms that are designed to promote play-based learning and exploration. The outdoor classroom features different areas that foster learning through gardening, nature, arts, music, play and other forms of exploration. Similarly, the indoor classroom is complete with several centers, including dramatic play, music, science, math, blocks and more. This works to promote crucial brain developmental connections.

This unique program was created and is operated by Sharon Miller, who has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and has attended nearly 900 hours of additional early childhood training. Miller has over 17 years of experience in early childhood care and is known as a proud participants of the Family Child Care Quality Project.

Miller has also served on the Child Care Licensing Board of Utah and is the recipient of the TOP Star award. Miller’s program may be located on the Care About Child Care website or more information on the program can be found on the Facebook page by the same name as the program.

Miller added another accomplishment to her belt on Nov. 15 as she was invited to the annual Professional Family Child Care Association of Utah (PFCCA) Fall Conference in Salt Lake City where she was announced as the Child Care Provider of the Year. This award is given each year by the PFCCA to one child care provider in the state that demonstrates excellence in high-quality care to children.

The award also focuses on those that consistently participate in professional development. The conference was hosted at the Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum.

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