Shep’s Commercial Roofing to Grace the Castle Country Area


Press Release

From the flood and mud of Helper, a business survivor has reemerged. Somewhat beaten up by the weather elements, but not beaten down, Chris Shepardson is no stranger to weather challenges.

Since 1993, Shep’s Windows and Doors has protected Carbon County and all of Utah from their location in Helper with thousands of window and door installations that keep the hot sun and the cold winters from invading the homes of Utahns. So, when the floods came and the mud flowed recently in Helper, it was just another weather challenge for Chris to overcome. And overcome he did!

A sister company to Shep’s Windows and Doors now is making its introduction to Utah. Shep’s Commercial Roofing, LLC has been launched with the hiring and factory certification of five new local employees, a fleet of new trucks and equipment, and the introduction of the strong bonding liquid polyurethane roof coating system that is applied in liquid form over existing commercial buildings without having to remove the old roofing material.

Iron Sentry liquid polyurethane coatings are made in the USA in Pittsburgh, Kan., where the privately-owned company has been making roof coating since the early 1960s. Before that, in the early 1900s, GSM Iron Sentry Coatings owned and operated many mineral mines throughout the U.S. and currently manufactures high-resistance rubber-like gaskets for large energy-producing machinery throughout the world. To this day, they own mines and factories that produces the minerals and chemicals that are rigorously tested in their laboratories in Pittsburgh.

GSM Iron Sentry Coatings, through its decade of vast experience manufacturing roof coatings since the early 1960s, formulated coating and protecting chemical tanks for refineries and other sensitive applications needing extraordinary weather and chemical resistant coatings. This includes coatings for re-roofing shopping centers, school districts, factories and a multitude of assorted business properties.

GSM Iron Sentry Coatings factory is able to give a manufacture warranty of up to 30 years (to a qualified applicants) with an application cost at a fraction of the cost of removing an old roof and rebuilding with structured roofing material.

Chris Shepardson has become the only certified roofing applicator in Utah and Nevada for GSM Iron Centry Coatings and has acquired the exclusive distribution rights for their roofing products.

Chris believes he can help all business owners, both large and small, to save tens of thousands of dollars by using this unique roof coating system when needing to replace their roof and stop leaks completely. Besides avoiding the replacing of an older commercial roof, Iron Sentry Coatings has been laboratory tested to have a solar reflectivity rating of up to 87% for extraordinary energy savings over other traditional roofing applications. Chris is prepared to coat over tar roofs, comp roofs, old vinyl sheet roofs and all kinds of metal roofs, even rusty roofs.

Chris Shepardson believes in his hometown community of Helper and Carbon County. Now, not only is Shep’s Commercial Roofing joining the family with Shep’s Windows and Doors, Chris is hiring and teaching skills to local workers and providing employment to not only his five new workers, but is planning to hire and train 20 additional workers over the next 90 days. By next year, Chris plans to dedicate an investment of several million dollars to open another warehouse and roof coating supply company in Las Vegas. With a home office in Helper, Chris believes his hometown will benefit greatly through the new Shep’s Commercial Roofing, LLC.


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