Sherald’s: Keepin’ it classic


Car cruises, drive-in movies, poodle skirts and the classic burger joint were the way of the “Golden Days.” Fast forward more than 60 years and Sherald’s Burger Bar is still representing the dedicated service and fresh food to give you a taste of the past.

Now owned by local realtor Lisa Pierucci and her family, Sherald’s is making a comeback that will pack a punch.

“We want to provide a place with family values, with great food,” said Pierucci.

Not your everyday drive-thru, Sherald’s makes all food fresh to order, piling high the meat and toppings.

“We wanted to bring back the standard that has always been Sherald’s and we knew the best way to do that was through the quality of food and service,” explained Pierucci. “We have some of the best fries, burgers, and English chips around, and you need to try our onion rings with our personalized batter.”

One tradition Pierucci remembers and has continued, are the classic shakes and fresh limes, for which Sherald’s has always been famous.

“We have kept all the recipes the same, only improving our menu and making it larger,” she said. “I changed the lids on the shakes to be rounded so we can make the m bigger and better.”

With all the classic flavors of your favorite shakes, keep in mind the crew is not afraid to experiment.

“We are really challenging what the typical ice cream shake is. We are now going through 48 gallons of ice cream a week, compared to the 8-12 gallons from previous years.”

No matter how many gallons of ice cream the establishment orders or how big the burgers get, the bottom line for Sherald’s will always be family.

“When we bought Sherald’s we just wanted to bring back the reputation of great food and family,” said Pierucci.

Head to Sherald’s and grab a burger, fries, and shake, and remember the “Golden Days.”

Sherald’s is open Monday -Saturday 11-9 p.m. If you don’t have time to wait, call-in orders are welcome, simply call 435-637-1447.

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