Sign Up Today to be a Foster Family


May has been deemed National Foster Care Month. Price City Mayor Mike Kourianos recently signed a proclamation asking community members to support foster families and assist in any way possible.

Currently, there are 80 children in foster care within Carbon and Emery counties. Lead Foster-Adoptive Consultant Kobi Prettyman expressed that families choose to discontinue fostering for a variety of reasons, prompting a never-ending need for families.

However, the requirements for fostering are not as daunting as one may believe. Prettyman expressed that basic requirements include space in the home, an ability to pass a criminal background check, emotional and financial stability, and provided training.

The emotional aspect is another that is credited as causing many to hesitate before choosing to foster a child or teen. Prettyman stated that many are concerned about fostering due to getting attached before returning the children to their homes.

“Fostering is a very emotional endeavor to take on; however, it is also very rewarding to see the progress both the child and family make for a better future,” Prettyman stated. She continued by assuring that many families are often able to remain connected with the child or teen after they have returned to their homes.

Those that are interested in becoming a foster parent or family, or simply learning more about the world of fostering, may contact Prettyman at (435) 636-0210 or through email at

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