Singles of Carbon and Emery County Group Open to Community Members


A revolutionary idea was born in January 2015 when Singles of Carbon and Emery County was created by Deana Tallerico.

Tallerico got the idea to make the group when she kept hearing community members complaining about how there is not a lot of fun things to do in the area. She also kept thinking about the economy and ways that the group could help support local businesses. She then had the thought that it would be fun to create a group that would be beneficial for the whole area.

The group was created as the first diverse dating group in the local area. According to Tallerico, it is also one of the most successful dating groups that has ever been attempted on Facebook.

Singles of Carbon and Emery County has reached numbers as high as 200 members at the peak of its success. Currently have about 80 members. Do a group cleanup every month. Members who aren’t participating will be taken off of group. If wish to be back on have to do steps. Be member of both groups. Have to agree to rules and have to create a profile. When they complete those steps have a choice of singles chat and have a modest chat room for more modest members. Sometimes will add to both and they can choose. Membership to the group is free and includes two groups that work together simultaneously, one group for events and dating posts while the other is strictly profiles.

Events can be created on the page by members as well as small businesses as long as they are a joined member. The events are focused to support the group but also to support small business as well. Tallerico states that she has had really positive results and feedback ever since creating Singles of Carbon and Emery County. The sheriff’s office was sent a list of rules that were established that every person that joins the group must follow. The rules cover members from harassment in the chatrooms, on Facebook and outside of Facebook as well.

Tallerico wanted to ensure the community that Singles of Carbon and Emery County is not just a dating group; it is also a social circle. The group is very diverse, having people from all educations, backgrounds and even some from all areas.

“The best way to meet people is through us,” Tallerico stated.

There are private events that take place in the group as well as working with local businesses. The group has a coffee date once a week at least, taking it in turn to go to each different coffee shop in the surrounding areas. There are about 15 to 20 members at a time at these dates.

“It is important to support small businesses in our area with our events and encourage singles to get together and form friendships while they are looking for that special someone,” stated Tallerico.

The group has events big and small, including upcoming camping events, bonfires and barbecues, bowling nights and dinner and a movie nights.

There are certain stipulations. In order to remain a member of Singles of Carbon and Emery County, participants must add both groups, agree to the rules and be in a chat. Events are optional to the members but they are encouraged to attend.

There is an exciting upcoming event for the Singles of Carbon and Emery County. It will take place on the evening on February 20th at the Tuscan. Starting at 7 p.m. there will be a Singles Mingle. Then at 7:30 p.m. the Speed-Dating kicks off, followed by Jeff Keele Band concert at 8 pm. With the event drawing to a close at 10 p.m. To enjoy this event, you must be a member. Add the group on Facebook or message Tallerico personally.

Tallerico was happy to add that they are going to try and mix-up future events with themes that will bring them more to life.

For more information on Singles of Carbon and Emery County, please contact Deana Tallerico at (435) 609-3700.


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