Small Business Advocates Present on Business Expansion


Steve Lyon and Don Winly presented at this week’s Business Expansion and Retention (BEAR) meeting. Lyon is from the Utah Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) and Winly is from the Utah World Trade Center (WTCU). Both organizations seek to make Utah businesses succeed.

Lyon explained that the PTAC helps “Small businesses with all phases of government contracting, federal, state and local.”

It provides services from individual business counseling to workshops and conferences. There are seven offices statewide. The PTAC provides its services free of charge. For more information about the PTAC, visit

After Lyon finished his presentation, Winly explained the WTCU. “The mission of WTC Utah is to help Utah companies think, act and succeed globally,” Winly said.

In essence, the organization helps businesses expand to the global market by putting them in contact with the right people. For more information about WTCU, visit

Normally, these two organizations work together to achieve their mutual goals.

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