Smith’s Food and Drug Named Tourism Super Service Recipient


The first grocery store was recognized by the Carbon County Tourism Department when Smith’s Food and Drug was named the September Tourism Super Service Award recipient on Wednesday.

Carbon County Tourism Specialist Tina Grange, per the nomination, stated that everyone at Smith’s always greets customers with a smile, engages them in conversation and even goes so far as to bag produce the way that they know their customers prefer.

The nominee stated that they choose to shop at Smith’s more often than anywhere else due to the wonderful service that they receive each time.

With that, Store Manager Buck Vasquez accepted the award on behalf of the store and the employees there. He stated that he had not been aware that they were receiving the honor until that morning, but shared that the store checkers are the friendliest and they strive with their customer service.

Vasquez also stated that it is everyone that comes into the store that makes them the friendly staff that they are. He concluded by extending his own appreciation to the community.

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