Snow College Brings Classes to Lighthouse School


Snow College has partnered with Lighthouse School to offer college courses at the local school

Students involved in the program are taking English 1010, criminal justice and sociology. Although these are the only classes currently being taught, the students can request any class from what Snow offers on campus. This program is being considered as concurrent enrollment, meaning the students involved are receiving credits for both high school and college.

Classes are taught at the Lighthouse via electronic means. The teachers are broadcasted from Snow College and are shown on a screen. Full interaction is also available. The students can speak to the teachers and vice versa. Teachers involved in the program are Kylie Ann Urn, Michael Brenchley and Dennis Schugk.

“Snow College has been awesome to work with, they’re a fantastic partner for our high school,” stated Lighthouse Principal Karlene Bianco. “We are so excited. It is going to blossom into more and more.”

Bianco spoke highly of Snow College and has been impressed with all that they are willing to do for this program. Bianco stated that her students have the ACT scores and grade point averages to begin college classes. She is been very grateful to Snow for putting so much time into teaching them. Snow has sent t-shirts, lanyards and more to the students. Bianco explained that the college is easy to reach and willing to fix any problem.

One great thing about working with Snow College is that credits transfer easily to other institutions. Mesa State in Grand Junction is more than willing to accept Snow College credits and accept in-state tuition from Utah.

This program was brought up at the Carbon School District Board meeting on Wednesday evening and superintendent Steve Carlsen spoke highly of it. He stated that he is going to make it known widely how welcoming, warm and friendly Snow College has been to the students.


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