Social Media, Social Work Dominate Huntington City Council


Huntington City Councilmen decided Wednesday to join the world of social media by creating a facebook account.

Councilmen cited approximately 50 other Utah cities and towns that have joined the social network. Councilmen decided Huntington City’s facebook page would be informative only.

Councilmen said this should provide an outlet for the city to announce new information, notifications and upcoming events to a broader audience. Councilmen will also look into creating a city website.

In other news, Castle Country Regional Information Center representative Alyson Kocks petitioned the council to create a partnership with her organization.

The center coordinates with the travel bureau to promote local businesses and activities to tourists. The center runs exclusively on grants, donations and partnerships.

Councilmen advised Kocks to visit the Emery County Business Chamber and agreed to join the center with a $150 contribution.

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