Soles 2 Souls shoe drive steps into high gear


Any day of the week, one can go to the local schools and see children in the halls with shoes so tattered they are barely staying on their feet. Schools are seeing an increase in children who do not have a decent pair of shoes because of tough economic times.

The United Way of Eastern Utah is almost midway through their Soles 2 Souls shoe drive. The community and business response has been great, but more is needed. Those tattered footware may keep a child from fully participating in school activities and recess play. A new pair of shoes can result in higher self-esteem and a reduction in childhood obesity because the kids can increase their physical activity.

United Way of Eastern Utah is taking action by holding the Soles 2 Souls Shoe drive. Several local merchants are giving a discount on shoes if you buy a pair and donate a pair. The Athletes Foot Store and Kevin’s Abbey Carpet donated 183 pairs of shoes to kick off the campaign.Payless shoes and Big Five Sports have also been some the biggest supporters of the drive so far.

A fundraising charity dance will be held on March 26th at the Price City Auditorium by the Castle Country Stars Dance Studio. Tickets are $5 in advance and can be purchased at United Way. В The shoes collected and purchased from this event will be distributed through the Carbon and Emery Schools via referrals by teachers, principals and school staff.

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