Southeastern Region Fishing Report


ABAJO MOUNTAINS: (October 04) Conservation Officer Dennis Shumway describes fishing as slow in San Juan County. Lloyds Lake was recently stocked and improved fishing is expected. Trout at Monticello Lake and Foy Reservoir remain active. Bates and lures are the best way to catch trout. Fishing pressure at Recapture Reservoir has been down, although some pike continue to be taken.

BENCHES POND: (September 21) The pond was stocked with a partial truckload of 10-inch rainbow trout on September 7.

BOULGER RESERVOIR: (September 21) The last stocking occurred on September 7. Over 500 10-inch rainbow trout were planted.

CARBON COUNTY COMMUNITY FISHING POND: (September 27) The pond was stocked on Sept. 19 with 2,000 11-inch trout. Melanie Mitchell emailed, saying that her family’s success was amazing last week. They caught and released 50 fish in an hour, using Shadeycreek spinners.

ELECTRIC LAKE: (September 21) Fisheries Biologist Dan Keller reports good fishing from boats and shore. A variety of baits and lures have been effective. Tyrell Mills caught a 21-inch tiger trout last weekend. Conservation Officer Devin Christensen noted that fishing has been especially good at the inlets.

FERRON RESERVOIR: (September 21) In early September, the reservoir was stocked with 1,000 10-inch rainbow trout. PowerBait and worms are working best.

GIGLIOTTI POND: (September 21) The last stocking occurred on August 29 when 406 12-inch albino trout were planted. Worms, PowerBait and Jakes Spin-a-Lures have been effective.

GOOSEBERRY RESERVOIR: (September 21) Conservation Officer Devin Christensen says that rainbow PowerBait has been the most effective. The best lures are Daredevils or gold-colored spoons. The last stocking occurred on September 4 when 1,248 10-inch rainbow trout were planted.

HUNTINGTON GAME FARM POND: (September 27) On Sept. 12, the pond was stocked with 450 11-inch trout. Last year at this time, the fishing was incredible. If you have a child who needs a positive fishing experience, this is the pond to visit!

HUNTINGTON NORTH RESERVOIR: (October 04) Ken Santoro reports slow fishing for wipers. He caught some rainbow trout on nightcrawlers. Spoons, jigs, top water plugs and diving crankbaits have not been effective for wipers.

JOES VALLEY RESERVOIR: (September 27) On Sept. 22, Dan Keller fished Cottonwood Creek below the dam. The catch was slow, but he described the fishing as great. Dan said that flows have dropped, making wading and fly fishing possible. He took a few browns on a red San Juan worm and an elk hair caddis. Dan notes that brown trout will feed more aggressively as fall progresses and the spawn sets in. Conservation Officer Devin Christensen talked to an angler who fished along the rocky shoreline on the west side and south of the dam. The angler, who had good success with tiger muskies, used silver/black or yellow jointed Rapalas.

LA SAL MOUNTAINS: (September 27) Conservation Officer TJ Robertson reported good fishing at Warner Lake with salmon eggs and nightcrawlers. He said that Oowah was fishing well with Roostertails or Jakes’ lures.


MILLSITE RESERVOIR & STATE PARK: (September 21) On September 19, Tom Ogden and a friend fished from kickboats from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Tom said he couldn’t keep track of the number of fish they caught

. Tom used fast-sinking line with sizes 6-8 soft hackle flies and woolly buggers in black/red/blue. He observed some shoreline anglers who appeared to catch their limits.


PETES HOLE: (September 21) This pond consistently produces good fishing during summer months. A wide assortment of lures and baits are typically effective. The last stocking occurred on August 24 where 600 11-inch rainbow trout were planted.

POTTERS PONDS: (September 21) The ponds were last stocked on August 31 when 708 10-inch rainbow trout were planted. Small dry flies are effective in the evenings. Try spinners and baits in the mornings. Fishing is best around sunrise.

SCOFIELD RESERVOIR: (October 04) Sportfish Biologist Calvin Black talked to an angler who said he caught a 4.5-pound tiger trout recently. The angler had been trolling close to the shoreline with a tube jig and chub meat. Black indicated that anchoring a boat off shore about 50 feet and casting to shore was a good tactic. The water temperature is in the low to mid 50s. Turn-over will occur when the lake temperature drops into the mid 40s. At that time, fishing success is expected to improve dramatically. Gordon Hicks trolled last weekend with pink/black Triple Teasers behind flashers, and reported slow fishing. In 2.5 hours, he landed three trout. In hindsight, Hicks says he should have tried casting chubs from shore.

SOUP BOWL: (September 21) This pond receives less pressure than its neighbor, Petes Hole. On August 31, it was stocked with 100 10-inch rainbow trout. Traditional baits and a variety of lures have been effective.

WILLOW LAKE: (September 21) This lake has produced good fishing for most of the summer. It was last stocked on August 23 when 1,000 10-inch rainbow trout were planted.

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