Southeastern Utah Health Department Celebrates National Healthy Lunch Day


Press Release

The Southeastern Utah Health Department is proud to announce it is joining with the American Diabetes Association in celebrating National Healthy Lunch Day on Nov.17. The engagement day highlights the importance of good nutrition as part of a healthy lifestyle, and encourages and motivates people in the workplace to commit to eating a healthy lunch on November 17 and every day.

There is tremendous confusion about what to eat, that is, what is healthful and what is not. Often the foods choices people make are full of calories yet lack nutritional value, which contributes to rising rates of diabetes, heart disease and obesity-related illnesses nationwide. National Healthy Lunch Day will help us inform and empower our employees to make healthy food choices.

To celebrate National Healthy Lunch Day, Southeast Utah Health Department’s “Diabetes Team” will provide a healthy lunch for all their employees “Lunch Right with Every Bite”.

Since their inception, nearly 75 years ago, the American Diabetes Association has promoted the importance of healthy lifestyle choices as an important way to manage, prevent and control diabetes.

“Through National Healthy Lunch Day, the Association calls on all Americans, including people with diabetes, to commit to making a healthy lunch part of their daily routine, whether it’s bringing a healthy brown bag lunch or choosing wisely while eating out,” the association shared. “We are pleased that Southeast Utah Health Department has joined our efforts.”

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