Spardette Online Tryouts Now Open


The Spardettes program at Emery High School recently made the announcement that coaches are accepting online tryouts amid the COVID-19 pandemic. These tryouts were opened on Tuesday morning.

Those in charge expressed their excitement in getting to know those that are vying for a position on the team and see the videos that come in. The tryout checklist has five items, with the first being the submission of the online form that can be found by clicking here.

Secondly, they are requiring that the text at the bottom of the form is copied and pasted into an email and sent to the hopeful’s particular principals for a recommendation. Following this, all are being asked to register on, making sure to put in the 2021 school year and emailing a confirmation to

Next, a parent meeting will be hosted online on May 7, beginning at 6 p.m. Those that are unable to make it may view it at a different time, as it is being recorded. Constitutions will be emailed out following the meeting and must be electronically signed and sent back by May 10 at midnight.

Finally, tryout videos will be sent out May 11. Those that are hoping for a position on the team will learn both a jazz and military combination, also being given the option to show any other trick or skill. Each combination must be videoed and submitted by May 13, again at midnight.

Those with questions may contact one of the following coaches: Shelby Bagley at (435) 749-2589 or the aforementioned email. Sydni Jewkes at (435) 609-0736, Kelsi Gardiner at (435) 749-0876 or Dawnette Thompson at (435) 851-3436.

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