Spardettes Excited to Show Swagger


ETV News stock photo by Dusty Butler

The Spardettes are looking forward to another competition season, especially when the news about the new 3A category surfaced. Dance and Military are mainstay routines at state, and this year the teams will also be judged in a Show category.

“It’s a mixture of three genres, character, prop and hip hop. It’s an incorporation of those three genres into one, stylized routine,” said head coach Shelby Bagley “I think it’s going to be so fun! I’m actually way excited about it. My team always loves hip hop, so they were ecstatic to learn that they get to compete hip hop on a competition level.”

Along with the new category, the Spardettes have strengthened their numbers with many new faces. “We’ve got a bigger number this year than we’ve seen in a few years. We’ve got 22 girls, which is great for us,” Bagley stated. “They’re looking really good despite all the craziness and chaos. I think everyone is in the same boat. We are looking good; I’m excited.”

South Sevier remains on top in the state after winning another state title. Carbon, Emery and Grand contribute to the high competition level in the region while teams like North Sanpete and Juab will add fuel to the fire at state. “We have a super tough region,” mentioned Bagley. “But it’s going to be super fun, I’m way excited.”

“It’s a good team. They’re fun girls,” she concluded. “We’re just all hoping we get that competition season we all work for, just like everyone else.”

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