Spartans Host Golden Eagles VS Western Wyoming Mustangs


On Wednesday, Emery hosted a game in the Spartan Center between the local USU Eastern Golden Eagles and the Western Wyoming Mustangs out of Rock Springs.

Emery High prepared for the junior college game by putting up shot clocks above the backboards of the hoops and taping and college three point line behind the high school line. USU Eastern also had prize giveaways, reduced prices and a t-shirt air cannon. Tickets were given out to every Emery High student and entered into a drawing for three iPod Nanos and the new iPad Mini. Hayley Procarione, Spencer Labrum, and Jackson Jensen all won iPod Nanos and Tanner Peterson won the iPad Mini. During halftime of each game there was a contest put on by the college for high school seniors awarding them a $500 scholarship if they could hit a half court shot. Unfortunately, no one made the winning basket.

The game was close early on with the Golden Eagles trailing 9-7. Western Wyoming hit four straight from behind the arc before scoring a two point basket and they made a run and pushed the lead up to 10 after hitting another three bringing the score to 17-7. USU Eastern fought back into the game and hit a three late in the first half to tie the game at 31 headed into halftime. USU Eastern came out of halftime and battled the Mustangs, eventually taking their first lead of the game 39-38 with about fifteen minutes left in the second half. It was a hard fought game, with eight minutes left ion the clock when the Golden Eagles pulled away and never looked back, taking the lead, 57-48. Western Wyoming made one last push late and came within 6 before they were closed out by the Golden Eagles who won by a final score of 75-63. The top scorer for the game and for USU Eastern was #2 Jeff Perkins who finished with 28 points. The next highest was #21 Dytanya Johnson who had 15 for the game. The Golden Eagles won out despite struggling from the line only going 11-21.

After the game, USU Eastern players stuck around to watch junior varsity and autograph Golden Eagles shirts for the kids. It was an exciting game featuring four dunks, two alley-oops, and a put back dunk. The USU Eastern representative thanked Emery High and Principal Larry Davis for hosting the event.


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