Special Delivery Ends in Drug Bust


Late Monday afternoon the Carbon Sheriff’s Department Officers initiated a search warrant on a residence located at 241 E 100 North. The search warrant was based on the delivery of a package to the residence that contained marijuana.

Monday morning UPS turned a suspicious package that was supposed to be delivered to a local Price residence over to the Carbon County Sheriff’s Office. The contents of the package were revealed to be marijuana. Carbon County Sheriff Deputy Shawn Addley obtained a search warrant for the home. The package was delivered to the residence. Donald Allred (35) left the residence and was immediately pulled over in a routine traffic stop. He was arrested for possession of Marijuana with intent to distribute, possesion of Methamphetamine with intent to sell, possesion of controlled substances. All the charges will be enhanced becuase he resides in a drug free zone.

Simultaneously the task force descended on the location on 1st North to serve the warrent. The investigation is ongoing.

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