Special Requests Questioned at Emery School Board Meeting


By Julie Johansen

At the October regular session of the Emery County School meeting, presentations to the board were given by Ryan Maughn (data), Doug Johnson (security) and Kerry Lake (capital outlay).

The data report contained the RISE test scores and the percentage of accomplishment by the different disciplines in the district. Grades 3-8 and 9-12 are much the same as the past years reported with slow improvement showing. The data security report contained the technology advances in the district along with the filters, password restrictions and other protection in the online system of the district.

Johnson reported that there are now 1,500 computers and 1,500 Chromebooks in the district and all sites have been upgraded to fiber. The capital outlay slides showed pictures of the building, rehabilitation and installations within the district.

Next, parents from 800 West and Canyon Road requested a bus stop along the route of the school bus on Canyon Road. Kim Behling, acting as spokeswoman for the group, said the request was just for a drop off after school. The desire was for nine younger students to be dropped off by the bridge on Canyon Road.

The board asked Roger Swenson, bus superintendent, to respond to the request. He said that policy only permits bus transportation in excess of 1.5 miles from the school and if they did it for one, then others would want this service also.

The requesting group said this is already being done and he replied only with an I.E.P. for special needs and this could result in a lot of expense for the district. Board members Kenzi Guymon and Riyd Hatt requested time to do extra study before a decision was given to the group.

A tabled motion from September’s meeting from middle school cheerleaders was discussed and the answer was that it is district policy for students that age to not leave the Carbon/Emery area, meaning that the request for permission to travel upstate for competition was denied.

Board member Jessy Johansen suggested that a cheer competition be hosted locally. Secondary supervisor Yvonne Jensen said she would relay the message as the cheer coaches were at ballgames during the meeting.

San Rafael Middle School Principal Doug Mecham gave a report on the host school for the meeting. He welcomed and thanked the district for the improvements of a new gym floor, active fire alarms and a new electronic system now in place.

Mecham reported that the academic, social and athletic programs are excelling at the school. He congratulated the 41 cross country runners who once again secured first place at the CVAA region meet in Price last week.

Mecham then introduced the school’s 27-minute literacy reading program held every morning. The school’s counselor was then introduced and she reported on the programs in that area.

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